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Sioux Falls Tower & Communications was founded in 1989. The company started by servicing mainly the broadcast industry and began to transition to also serving the wireless industry in the mid 1990’s during the PCS roll-out. We continue to service both industries as well as providing services in wind energy, utilities and microwave. We also serve many of the national tower companies.

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Sioux Falls Tower provides services out of our four area-offices: Sioux Falls SD, our main office, Rapid City SD, Orem UT and Denver, CO. Besides taking care of our regional customers, we offer some of our services coast-to-coast including TIA inspections, guy anchor inspections, AnchorGuard installations and wind energy work.


National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) – Our president, Craig Snyder, is one of four co-founders of NATE and a former officer from 1995 to 2006. Our COO, Mike Young, serves on the Safety and Education Committee. Mr. Young has been instrumental in the effort behind the string of safety videos being released on a monthly basis in 2016 by NATE. Kevin Schmidt, one of our project managers, is a member of the NATE Tradeshow committee.

National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) – Mr. Schmidt currently holds a seat on the board of governors. Mr. Thorin, our Director of Safety, currently holds a seat on the NWSA task force putting together the national testing protocol for tower climbers.

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) – Mr. Snyder has been a member of the committee TR14 since 1990 and served as its chairman from 1998 to 2006 during the time of the extensive rewrite of the standard and release of Revision 222-G. Eric Rodenborn, one of our project managers also serves on the committee.

Related Companies

AnchorGuard LLC was formed in 1994 by the founders of Sioux Falls Tower. AnchorGuard manufactures cathodic protection systems for guyed tower anchors. The company was founded after a tragic accident in 1990 when a guy anchor broke while Bart Roberts, our Senior Vice President, was conducting an inspection of a tower in North Dakota. As a result of the accident, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Snyder did extensive research into the cause of anchor corrosion and were instrumental in bringing to light the issue resulting in changes to the TIA standard and general enlightenment of the issue across the industry.

Mr. Roberts, Mr. Snyder and two other prominent tower contracting companies formed Performance Development Group Limited in 1999. The company has rental tower holdings in Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota and Montana.