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Todd Thorin

Todd Thorin is Director of Safety and Training at Sioux Falls Tower. He has been in the tower industry since 1983 starting first as a tower technician.

Prior to his current role, Todd served as tower technician and winch operator with the company. He was the first committee chairman for the National Association of Tower Erectors and has been the director and producer of many NATE training videos including the popular Climber Connection video series. Todd is also a noteworthy drone pilot having shot much of the dramatic footage for NATE and the videos depicted on this web site. Todd brings a wealth of experience to the company with his real-life knowledge of safety having worked first in the field for many years prior to taking on his role in overseeing safety for the organization.

Todd is a graduate of Brigham Young University. He and his wife Deya have been married since 1988, live in Sioux Falls, and have six children and seven grandchildren.